8 thoughts on “Is it right for a believer to take the COVID vaccine?

  1. I don’t think it’s either right or wrong according to your faith but if your forced to do it I think you can do it and do it under the blood of Jesus

  2. In the same way that immunization is done for children whether Christian or not, I think there is nothing wrong with taking a vaccine as a believer. Also important to note is that it is entirely your decision, and you shouldn’t be judged on whichever decision you make on this. What I think is wrong though is being forced to take the vaccine or being discriminated against or disadvantaged just because you decided not to take it.

  3. I believe it’s neither right or wrong but depends on the level of your faith and whether you want it of not. As much as there are other vaccines/shots you take as a baby then this one is also not so different.
    If as a believer you feel comfortable with it then take it but if your faith does not carry it then don’t. When forced to take it by the authorities in your work place or school, then you can take it under the blood (also in submission to those is authority).

  4. I don’t think it is wrong or right, but what I am against is being forced to take the vaccine,one should have the freedom to choose whether or not to take it

  5. Knowing fully well that the Origin of COVID is Spiritual; & Based on the current controversies sorounding the safety of the developed vaccines, which are also suspected to have a link with some satanic Agenda to influence & fulfill his mission against humanity; wherefore it’s expedient to be cautious, eliminate fears, be in faith,trust in the leading, revelation and peace of the Holy Spirit. The Bible says ” In the multitude of counsel there’s safety “..Importantly you have to also seek the counsel of your Prophet or Spiritual Authority for the mind of God. But due to the Global restrictions that are gradually been put in Places & enforced against Believers & none by the Govt. Whereby leaving them with no choice to either take the Vaccine, get stocked or be arrested; by faith I’ll like to CAP it on this Scriptural words & Promise from our Lord & Saviour JESUS Christ who His able to Shield us by His blood & neutralize the evil Programs in the Vaccines when taken. (MARK 16:18) “They shall take up serpents; and IF THEY DRINK ANY DEADLY THING, IT SHALL NOT HURT THEM; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” 😄so it will definately work for my good to the Glory of God. Halleluyah!

  6. I believe that we can never conclude on any matter as to whether it is right or wrong if scripture has not enlightened us on it…what the Lord has told us to do and not is clear on scripture, on that we can conclude on whether something is wrong or right. The vaccine is not the mark of the beast as we are all aware. Though we are very much aware of all the satanic strategies behind the whole Covid -19 thing.. so on such I would say the believe should operate Romans 14:5 , and do as they are led and persuaded by the spirit, which will definitely be not the same for everyone. So we cant really say the vaccine is the issue, but forcing one to take such is violating their will, which is what we must not succumb to because even God himself doesnt force himself on us, but even in the midst of such, if you are led to take it according to your level of faith, that wouldn’t be sin, and if its not sin then we can never conclude that it is wrong. So it’s a personal decision according to the level of your faith and the leading of the spirit. Coz we cant deny the reality of the pandemic, and people dying from it. Hiv people die from it, and we know that it was man made too, by a man called Robert Gallo, and definitely such is evil too, but the retroviral is a necessity for the infected ones if their faith can’t carry them.

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