21 thoughts on “Is it right for a believer to watch horror movies?

  1. Growing up horror movie was never my kind of movie l see allot of magical things been done in horror movie, not just that alone, it is also associated with horrible creatures that are horrible. To watch .No edification watching horry movie.
    My answer is NO .Because as a spirit field Christian horror movie is not good to watch does not have lessons to teach but Scarry

  2. It is bad. You are filling your mind with terrible things and opening your mind and spirit to demonic attacks. Talking from exeprience

    1. Most of these horror movies they create fear in you and end up finding d yourself having fear over every little thing,It can even get to a point of affecting your dreams.. So according to my take its not good and we might think they are the same like any other movie only to find out it can cause an opening for attacks.

  3. Some persons find it thrilling to watch and don’t succumb to the after effect… But I feel whatever breeds the spirit of fear should not be considered entertainment!

  4. Yes, there’s nothing wrong with it. Anyway it is just a movie. Some horror movies have got lessons in them that can help you in your daily living….Sometimes you need some adrenaline rush to stay awake😁😁😅

  5. I don’t think it’s right because it can be a gateway to spiritual attacks. We must understand that life is spiritual.

  6. Well, personally, I don’t think it’s a matter of “right” or “wrong”. It’s more a matter of “man, know thyself”. Like Paul mentioned, some have the faith to “eat meat”, while some have the faith to simply “abstain from meat”, and both do so unto God. As concerning horror movies, it depends on the individual. Some persons would be totally indifferent due to their natural orientation and early-years nurture. To these, watching such movies would have only entertainment value. Some others who are superstitious and have more susceptible subconscious would react to such movies adversely and could result in nightmares and fear-induced responses, which we know are not good for anybody, both physically and spiritually. Such persons would be better off staying away from such movies. On the other hand, some others would watch horror movies and because of their spiritual disposition, it would even be a pleasurable mental practice on overcoming frightening situations. So….man, know thyself.

    1. You’re definitely correct, not all are the same, so they shouldn’t generalize people. Those who don’t think it’s right portrays that they have more fear in them than faith, and those who think that’s there’s nothing to it has more faith in them than fear and knows the reality.
      Those who knows themselves / should know themselves should either watch it or not.

  7. I wouldn’t advise a believer to watch horror movies because whatever you look at or listen to goes straight into my heart. Horror movies are not edifying but they feed you fear and fear is not of God!!!

  8. I don’t think it’s wrong I think Christians can watch horror movies provided that they have a clear conscience and avoid being led to sin. Each person should be careful to avoid sinful and unhelpful types of horror, but we can not throw the genre out as a whole

  9. No, I think it is not right purely for the fact that each movie you watch has a motive that the producer/writer wanted to achieve, these things enter your spirit and affect you one way or another. A believer that wants to pump adrenaline needs to spend time in prayer to help them calm down and seek God for their lives.

  10. I think horror movies are part of the devils tactics reason being is that horror movies mostly leave you fearful and interfere with your imagination. Some are so fearful that you end up dreaming about them and most of them always end when whatever thing was scary coming back. One thing I always ask myself is, if a person was able to think of such a movie “how dark are the persons thoughts” ,where does the person get his or her inspiration that they would be able to come up with such a terrifying story and be detailed about everything. Most Horror movies ,the would be one person sometimes who would be preaching by the side way but that person dies even though the person is a believer, so what are they really portraying?what’s the message ? They want to weaken the faith of believers even those who ain’t believers to think that being a believer is the same as everyone else ,you are also prone to demon possessions so people loose more faith especially in the name of Jesus because they make sure to call it alot but it doesn’t save them in those movies .

  11. I for one wouldn’t say its a bad thing to watch horror movies as a Christian,back then i used to watch them just so i know what to do when the enemy attacks,Yes you will have that lil fear but atleast at the end you will know what to do to defeat the enemy ..everything has its end!!!

  12. It’s not wrong, but it should not affect your subconscious mind to a point you start having nightmares because that will disturb spirit life. Movies are not real so it shouldn’t be taken to heart

  13. I honestly don’t think it’s such of a bad idea. Yes it may instill fear and probably open a door for attacks; for me it all comes down to the individual watching it. If its during the day where after – you’ll just carry on with your day forgetting
    the scenes and pray later then there’s not much harm. Plus.. they aren’t to be a daily or weekly thing right? Just once in a while.. somethings are interesting to watch and can go as far as teaching you one or two things. Its just like habits .. if its your habit to watch them then your in trouble.. but once off.. for me.. wouldn’t do much harm. I know everyday I look, listen and watch mindfully and that is a habit keeping me from trouble.
    In a nutshell, it comes down to the person watching.. not the ectual movie.

  14. To each their own according to their faith. Some are fearful after like myself, and some find it to be harmless entertainment. However I believe for everything there are spirits backing it

  15. I think it’s not right for a believer to watch horror movies. Taking into consideration that what we allow into our minds can pollute our minds and our way of thinking..

  16. It’s wrong as it instills fear or teaches supernatural concepts from wrong point of view that is evil beings are most powerful. It also opens a gateway over time to be attacked spiritually. It also de-sensitizes to evil as you end up regarded it as not that bad.

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